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Further Reading

    • 'Saudi America: The economics of shale oil'   The Economist.  15 February 2014.  Accessed online

Careers & Job Opportunites

Earth's Natural Resources

Those materials can and need to be extracted from the Earth's crust.  These materials have properties that humans use to their benefit (to generate electricity, to make cars, to heat homes, to make jewelry, to generate chemicals used in industry, etc.) 
  • Energy Quest                                                                                              [CA Energy Commission]
  • Energy in Depth
  • This Month in Geoeconomics                                                                    [CFR]
  • Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) Scan                                                [You Tube: Earth Scope:IRIS]


Subsurface mapping techniques

      • 'How do Earthquakes reveal secrets of Earth's Interior?'     Video   Seismic Tomography      [IRIS]

Minerals, Ores, & Aggregates


Herkimer County,  New York
Stream Dredging ....  Yankee Fork, Idaho
Tunnel Mining .... Independence Gold  Mine (near) Palmer, Alaska
Open Pit Mining ..... The Kennicott Strip Mine, Utah

o   ‘Robots Replace Miners in Oz’  by The Salfordian, You Tube video ~ 3 min

Further Reading

    Energy Resources - Extraction

                            • NASA’s Earth Minute: Gas Problem                                      [NASA EarthMinute/YouTube] 1 min (CO2) 
                            • NASA’s Earth Minute: Earth Has A Fever                             [NASA EarthMinute/YouTube] 1 min (climate modeling) 
                            • What are our energy options?                           [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Scaling Energy                                                  [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Energy Efficiency 101                                      [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Oil                                                                      [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Natural Gas                                                       [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Nuclear                                                              [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • How Geothermal Energy Works                                              [worldwebmanagement/YouTube] 2 min 
                            • Hydropower                                                       [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Coal                                                                    [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Wind                                                                   [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Solar                                                                    [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • Biofuel’s                                                              [Future360TV’s channel/YouTube] 3 min 
                            • 3D Seismic                                                                                 [ge0physicsrocks/YouTube] 4:30 min 
                            • Oil and Gas Recovery Demonstration                                        [aoldham29/YouTube] 1:30 min 
                            • Ground Drilling Animation                                                        [easytv/YouTube] 3:30 min 
                            • Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracturing)                        [MarathonOilCorp/YouTube] 6:30 min 
                            • Overview on Deep Water Drilling                                              [Deepwater Positioning Operators/YouTube] 8 min 

                          Hydraulic Fracturing

                          The Marcellus Shale Formation, Appalachians


                          Coal  ....  A Fossil Fuel

                          • Coal                                                                                  [EIA]
                          • Coal Through a Microscope                                                []
                          Further Reading
                        • The Carbon Age: How Life's Core Element has Become Civilization's Greatest Threat    by Eric Rosten 557 R
                        • The Map That Changed The World     by Simon Winchester

                          Petroleum / Crude Oil ... A Fossil Fuel

                          • Oil on My Shoes: An Introduction to Petroleum Geology  
                          • Petroleum Geology: A History Through Time                                                          [AAPG]
                          • U. S. Energy Information Administration
                          • ABO: About Oil
                          • Petroleum                                                                                                                   [EIA]
                          • Shell Oil
                          • Exxon Mobile
                          • List of Oil Exploration and Production Companies                                                   [Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia]
                          • Petrochemical products list                                                                                        [Thomko Petro Chemical]
                          • What fuels are made from crude oil?                                                                         [EIA]
                          • The Alyeska Pipeline, Alaska
                          • What are the products and uses of petroleum?                                                           [EIA]
                          • Salt Domes                                                                                                                 []
                          • Oil                                                                                                                               [EarthScienceAustralia]
                          • 'How Oil and Water Mix in California' by Lauren Sommer, KQED Science, March 31, 2014. Last accessed June 17, 2014 at 
                          • 'How Many Gallons of Gas Would It Take to Charge and iPhone?' ExxonMobile Perspectives, June 30, 2012. Accessed online 31 July 2012.
                          • While Oil Gently Seeps From TheSeafloor’  by Oceanus Magazine, Christopher Reddy, May 2009.  Last viewed online August 2014

                          • 'California Farmers Look to Oil Industry for Water' by Lauren Sommer, KQED Science, April 7, 2014.  Last accessed June 17, 2014 at 

                          • Watch

                            • 3D Seismic                                                              [ge0physicsrocks/YouTube] 4:30 min
                            • 'Shell Ormen Lange - An industrial talke (full length movie)' [Shell/You Tube]   ~ 11 min 

                            • Oil and Gas Recovery Demonstration                    [aoldham29/YouTube] 1:30 min 
                            • Ground Drilling Animation                                     [easytv/YouTube] 3:30 min 
                            • Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracturing)    [MarathonOilCorp/YouTube] 6:30 min 
                            • Overview on Deep Water Drilling                          [Deepwater Positioning Operators/YouTube] 8 min 
                            • Santa Barbara Oil Seeps’                                       [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Oceanus Magazine]
                            • 3D Animated Oil Rig Visualization                        [TrinityAnimation/] 1 min
                            • 'Oil & Gas Well Casing'                                          [OilDrillingLearn / YouTube] 6 min

                          Natural Gas   .... A Fossil Fuel


                          Oil Shales & Sands ... Fossil Fuels

                          • What is Shale Gas and Why is it important?                                                          [EIA]
                          • Explore Shale: The Marcellus                                                                                [PennStatePublicBroadcast/ColComFoundation]
                          • Eagle Ford Shale ... connections: Geologic Time Scale and rock formations        []
                          • What are Oil Sands?                                                                                                []
                          • Recovering Oil Sands                                                                                             [API]

                          Gas / Methane Hydrates/ Clathrates

                          Listen / Podcast


                          Nuclear Energy ... an alternative


                          Geothermal Energy ... an alternative



                          Energy Sources at Earth's Surface


                          Solar Energy 

                          • Solar City
                          • Solar power savings (home $) and The Solar Store              [NYSERDA]
                          • Solar                                                                                   []
                          • 'How It's Made Solar Panels'                                               [How It's Made/YouTube]   6:15 min
                          • 'Ossining Couple Watch Electric Meter Go Backward' by Nathan Buttrell, The Daily Voice, March 14, 2012. Accessed June 29, 2012.
                          • 'Ending Blackouts, One Solar Lamp At A Time'    by Vikas Bajaj, NYTimes, August 6, 2012.  Accessed online

                          Wind Energy 

                          • Wind                                                                                     []
                          • Wind Energy Data Sets and Maps                                          [USGS]
                          • ‘Big Dreams for Small Wind Turbines’ by Melissa Block, National Public Radio. August 27, 2009. 6 July 2012.


                          • Hydropower Explained                        [EIA]
                          • Greenpower                                        [EPA]
                          • Hydro-electric power                           [Columbia Elect. Dist.]
                          • Tidal Power                                         [EIA]
                          • 'The Physics of Tidal Energy'     by Matthew Wald, NYTimes.  August 10, 2012.  Accessed online 13 August 2012
                          • 'The Search for Energy Takes a Turn Underwater'    by Jess Bidgood, NYTimes.  August 9, 2012.  Accessed online 10 August 2012

                          Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion 






                          Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)



                          Balancing The Environment with Extraction


                          Abandoned Mines & Pollution

                          Acid Mine Lakes & Open Pit Mining ..... The Berkeley Pit, Butte, Montana