The Electric Bill

Stewardship Awareness 
An Inquiry & Analysis Activity by H. McArdle 2009

The Individual

  • A Cartoon [Loop Scoops / PBS / CPB /EPA]
  • Analysis of home gas and electric bill [N.Y.S.E.G.]
  • Calculations and analysis of home gas and electric bill [N.Y.S.E.G.] per person in household
  • Data collection and analysis of home heating practices (thermostat settings/season/time of day)
  • Personal Emissions Calculator [EPA]

Family & Household


Mahopac High School Community

  • Calculations and analysis of Mahopac High School gas and electric bills from Nov. 2008 - 2009.
  • Comparisons pre-/post - NYSEG bills pre-/post MHS renovations
  • Extrapolation of MHS Carbon Footprint by NYSEG bill
  • Clean School Bus USA National Idle-Reduction Campaign [EPA]


Local community/Mahopac

  • Calculation of (anticipated) cost savings to district and households/taxpayers
  • New York State Electric & Gas home page

Putnam County

  • Quantitative Analysis: 'Electric Consumption in New Hampshire' [QELP]
  • New York State


    United States

    Planet Earth