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RES Supplies

Items for use every day:
  • Three-ring binder   (~2" binding) .... for Regents Earth Science materials only.
  • Graphite pencils   ('No.2')
  • Pens - any and all colors are super, but please do not use red.
  • Blank paper - hole-punched and kept in 'Blank Paper' section of notebook. 
  • Assignment pad
  • Basic four-function or scientific calculator    (NO GRAPHING CALCULATORS PERMITTED -- Students will not be permitted to use a graphing calculator in class or during classroom exams.  Either a basic’ four function’, or scientific calculator will be required throughout the year, as is the Regents Exam requirement).
  • Tab dividers (3 - 4 total)
Strongly suggested for success in Mrs. McArdle's classes:
  • Highlighter(s) - any and all colors are super
  • Mini-stapler
  • Mini-pencil sharpener
  • Colored pencils - there will be a 'public supply' for use in the classroom
  • Sealable bag or baggie - to be secured in the science binder.

Today's Economy

$$          The materials for Regents Earth Science will be used daily by the student in learning how to organize information and materialas, how to study effectively, and how to recognize and nanlyze connections among topics and events.  While these materials are used daily during class time, the current economy has forced many to reassess and adjust their household budgets.  Please let me know if there is a concern you feel I should be made aware of.         $$