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Global Env Assignments

Mrs. McArdle's students should rely solely upon the classroom HW postings and discussion.
Academic skill-building and self-sufficiency is taught, practiced and implemented each day in this manner.
Mrs. McArdle's students are NOT directed to the following online assignments postings
- these are posted and updated solely to meet contractual obligations with MCSD.
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 Text, Web & Additional Resources


'Holt 20'  Environment & Human Health 

Environmental Science links:  Human Sustainability, and Snazzy Science Links

Resource Textbook Chapters
For student use in review & research throughout the year.  Each written and presented assignment should also demonstrate the basic information from these chapters.
Holt 3: The Dynamic Earth
Holt 4: The Organization of Life
Holt 5: How Ecosystems Work
Holt 6: Biomes
Holt 7: Aquatic Ecosystems
  Tragedy of the Commons    

Reflection Writing Activity

   Holt 21  Economics, Policy & The Future  Outline/Test  9/18  

'Colin Beavan, Environmental Crusaders' Newest Goal: Congress'   by Elizabeth Harris, May 14, 2012.  Accessed June 29, 2012.  NYTimes


Holt 1   Science & The Environment

 Outline/Test  9/24  
'Intro to Resource Extraction'      
PDF file at page bottom.
 Inquiry Analysis Stewardship Awareness Activity  TBA  
'Scales of Pollution'       PDF file at page bottom.
 Inquiry Analysis Stewardship Awareness Activity  9/24  
   'Acid Ocean'  AMNH-Science Bulletin  Earth System Science Analysis Write-Up  9/26  

Holt 2   Tools of Environmental Science

 Outline/Test  9/30  

Holt 3   Dynamic Earth

Environmental Science links:  Oceanography & Hydrology, Human Sustainability, Headline News & Multimedia.  
 Outline/Test  10/2  

Holt 5.2   Ecosystems & Cycles

 Outline/Test  10/8  
  Population  World Population Graphing Exercise  Graph and Write-Up  10/10  

Holt 8    Understanding Populations

'Baby Monitor: In Poor Countries Lower Fertility is Usually Good for Growth.  But it can also Increase Inequality.'     The Economist, August 11, 2012.  Accessed online 13 August 2012

 Outline/Test  10/15  

Holt 9   Human Populations

Seven Billion: The Population Scare Is Not What You Might Think  by Manish Bapna.  The Huffington Post.  Posted October 26, 2011.  Accessed June 29, 2012.


'7 Billion & Counting: Visualizing How A Population Hits 7 Billion'  Video 2:33 [] Last accessed Aug 2013.


'Hans Rosling: Global Population Growth, Box by Box'  Video  10:51    June 2010     []

 Outline/Test  10/28  

'Human Populations: The United States'.

PDF available at page bottom.    

 Inquiry & Analysis Activity  11/8  

Holt 10    Biodiversity

'Global Extinction: Gradual Doom As Bad As Abrupt'    National Science Foundation Press Release 12-109.  February 3, 2012.

'Counting The Last Fish'  by Daniel Pauly & Reg Watson.  Scientific American, July 2003.  Last accessed August 2013.

 Outline/Test  11/13  

 'Species & Sprawl: A Road Runs Through It'    

AMNH - Science Bulletin  Last accessed August 2013

 Earth System Science Analysis Write-Up    
   'Invasive Species'  Video 8 min AMNH - Bulletins  Last accessed Aug 2013  Earth System Science Analysis Write-Up    

Holt 14  Land Use

'To Tackle an Invasive Weed, Bringing In The Hooved Pros'    by Lisa Foderaro, June 21, 2012.  Accessed June 29, 2012.  NYTimes

 Outline/Test  11/21  
   Jonathan Foley: The Other Inconvenient Truth'   Video 20 min.  []      
   'Jason Clay: How Big Brands can Help Save Biodiversity'   Video 20 min.[]  Last accessed Aug 2013      
   HotSpots Map  Map & Write-Up  11/25  
 Resource Depletion  Holt 19    Waste   Outline/Test  12/3  

'Petroleum: A Resource'      
PDF file at page bottom.

 Inquiry Analysis Stewardship Awareness Activity  12/5  




Assigned dates will vary.  

Holt 15   Food &  Agriculture


 Outline/Test  1/14  

Holt 16   Mining & Minerals

'Thirteen Were Killed'  Tilly Foster Mine Disaster  NYTimes Article   November 30, 1895

 Outline/Test  1/29  

Holt 17   Non-renewable Resources

'Natural Gas: A Resource' - Inquiry Analysis Stewardship Awareness Activity     
PDF file at page bottom.

'Coal: A Resource' - Inquiry Analysis Stewardship Awareness Activity     
PDF file at page bottom.

Environmental Science links:  Human Sustainability , and Economic Geology & Mining
Holt 3 - 7  Review & Research Chapters
 Outline/Test  2/12  

Holt 18   Renewable Resources

'Ossining Couple Watch Electric Meter Go Backward'    by Nathan Buttrell, The Daily Voice, March 14, 2012.  Accessed June 29, 2012.

 Outline/Test  3/5  

Holt 12   Air & Pollution

'December 3, 1984: Bhopal Gas Leak Kills Thousands'  Earth Magazine.  

'Energy Resources' - Inquiry Analysis Stewardship Awareness Activity     
PDF file at page bottom.
 Outline/Test  4/2  
   Trash Collection & Analysis Project - Part B  Report  4/8  
  'Love Canal'  Earth System Science Analysis Write-Up  4/10  
Holt 13    Atmosphere & Climate Change
Environmental Science links:  Human Sustainability, Climate & Climate Change, and Meteorology
 Outline/Test  4/23  

Holt 11   Water:  Resources, Use & Management, Pollution

'White Salmon Restored: A Time Lapse Project'   by WordPress

'Is Japanese Dock a Noah's Ark or Trojan Horse?'    by Christopher Joyce, June 8, 2012. Accessed June 29, 2012.  NPR News

Environmental Science links:  Human Sustainability, Oceanography & Hydrology
 Outline/Test  5/5  
   'The Story of Bottled Water'   by Annie Leonard.  Video  The Story of Stuff(.org) Project    TBA  
   'The Problem is Clear: The Water is Filthy'  by Patricia Leigh Brown, NYTimes.  November 2012. Last accessed August 2013    TBA  
   'Clean Water Down the Toilet: More than a Drop in the Bucket'  by Kathleen Parker, Seattle Times.  May 2011.  Last accessed August 2013.    TBA  



 Assigned dates will vary.

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