AdvGeol Supplies

Every day items:
  • Three-ring binder   (~2" binding) .... for College-level Physical Geology materials only.
  • Graphite pencils   ('No.2')
  • Pens - any and all colors are super, but please do not use red.
  • Blank paper - hole-punched and kept in 'Blank Paper' section of notebook. 
  • Assignment pad
  • Tab dividers (4+) for References & Maps, Notes, Articles, Current Assessement, etc.
Strongly suggested:
  • Highlighter(s) - any and all colors are super
  • Mini-stapler
  • Mini-pencil sharpener
  • Colored pencils - there will be a 'public supply' for use in the classroom
  • Sealable bag or baggie - to be secured in the science binder.
  • While calculations will be performed throughout the course, students will not use calculators.